July 2015

Open source ensures no vendor lock-in and speed to market, says Gee Rittenhouse

Open source is critical to everything that we do, says Gee Rittenhouse, Senior VP and General Manager of Cisco's Cloud and Virtualization Group.

Three aspects of open source really stand out: first, it ensures that there is no vendor lock-in; second, it accelerates time-to-market; and third, it enables ecosystem communities to emerge.  Cisco believes Open Daylight fits into this process at the controller layer.

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Open Source Drives Today's IT Services, says Robin Purohit

In today's IT services, "open" is hitting on both sides of the wire -- the mobile side, where employees are seeking a more consumer-like experience on the job, and in the backend data center, says Robin Purohit, President, Service Support, BMC.

There is an increased blending of private cloud and public cloud IT environments.

BMC is reinventing its entire technology stack to fulfill the vision of digital service management.

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Building hybrid clouds is a big challenge says Mike Galvin

The cloud ecosystem is expanding at an astonishing pace and Tata Communications is right in the middle it, says Mike Galvin, Vice President, Next Gen.

Tata is focusing on the building blocks for hybrid clouds, including direct connectivity via MPLS or Ethernet to the major public cloud providers. The carrier is also enhancing its global IP backbone to make it fit for business with better predictability and reduced latency. This video interview also highlights Tata's new partnership with Salesforce.
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Gigamon's Shehzad Merchant: The Intersection of Open Networking and Security

The open networking movement is here to stay. It's not just about open source software, says Shehzad Merchant, CTO of Gigamon, but really about taking a vertically-integrated networking stack and disaggregating it. With various components of the networking stack supplied by different vendors, maintaining visibility across every layer of that stack becomes critical.

By disaggregating the networking stack, you are, in principle, opening up new attack vectors across multiple surfaces. On the other hand, there will be a much broader ecosystem moving much quicker to address vulnerabilities.

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SDN Shifts Margins from Legacy Vendors to Channel, says Steve Garrison

A market disruption caused by SDN is shifting margins from the legacy networking vendors to the channel, says Steve Garrison, VP of Marketing at Pica8.  By tearing apart the stack and letting customers pick the applications, OS, and bare metal hardware, you end up with a customized solution where the channel has a key role to play.

Many customers might not have that expertise to pull that together, but this is where the margin shifts from the legacy vendors to the channel.


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Corsa Demos SDN Metering and QoS

Corsa Technology offers a full, OpenFlow programmable data plane
that delivers performance, flexibility, and scale.

At the recent Open Networking Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, California, Corsa demonstrated its new bandwidth metering and QoS capabilities.   Corsa also conducted a multi-vendor packet/optical optimization demonstration,  along with a demonstration of the new "Atrium" software release from the ONF.

The first use case for SDN-based metering and QoS involves large data set transfers, such as between major research facilities and super computer labs. Corsa's demo uses OpenFlow 1.3.

Presented by Bruce Gregory, David Whittaker, and Carolyn Raab.

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